Flood emergency declared in Bandung till January 20


On Thursday, severe weather in Bandung and the neighboring districts resulted in landslides, floods, and uprooted trees.

Gapteks.com - From January 13 to January 20, 2024, the Bandung district administration in West Java has issued an emergency response status, forcing all parties to be on the lookout for the possibility of flooding during the rainy season.

"Three days ago, the emergency response status for the flood calamity was formed. Public kitchens and other facilities have been prepared by the National Disaster Mitigation Agency (BNPB)," stated Dadang Supriatna, the district head of Bandung, on Monday.

He advised that the emergency status will remain in effect for seven days, with the possibility of an extension or shortening contingent on field conditions.

"The determination of disaster emergency response status can be extended or shortened in accordance with the provisions of laws and regulations," he stated.

He claims that the area has been affected by floods and other hydrometeorological disasters since January 11, 2024, and the decision to declare the area under emergency status is a response to these events.

"We must pay attention to the basic needs of the community during the current emergency handling status," he stated.

Supriatna highlighted that in response to the declaration of an emergency, his team has taken a number of steps to prevent further flooding in the area.

"Post-disaster, we will follow up from the upstream to downstream (sectors), but I strongly agree that the handling is not partial but comprehensive," he stated.

Suharyanto, the head of BNPB, announced that his organization has contributed Rp350 million to help Bandung district deal with the flooding.

He continued by saying that the money might be utilized to create public restrooms and showers, supply food, and meet other basic requirements of the impacted areas.

Source: tempo.co

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