Singapore-New York Ranks First Among The World's Ten Longest Flights.


Source: - The development of advanced aircraft technology has greatly increased the comfort and convenience of international travel. Long-haul flights have become the go-to option for travelers who wish to see the world.

Some of the biggest commercial airplanes serve as hotels in the sky, offering the highest level of comfort and luxury to their passengers. The top 10 longest flights in the world are shown below, compiled from a variety of sources and arranged by distance and travel duration.

10. Singapore Airlines, Newark-Singapore

Singapore Airlines is ranked ninth on this list. It takes 18 hours and 5 minutes to go 8,870 miles from Newark to Singapore. The greatest long-haul service is offered to passengers on the Airbus A350-900ULR.

9. United Airlines' Houston-Sydney route

Operating Boeing 777-200LR aircraft, United Airlines provides service between Houston and Sydney, a distance of 8,870 miles (13,673 kilometers) in 17 hours and 35 minutes.

8. Sydney - American Airlines - Dallas / Fort Worth

The 8,720-mile (13,792-kilometer) Sydney-Dallas/Fort Worth route is operated by American Airlines, and it takes 17 hours and 20 minutes to complete. The preferred aircraft for this trip is the Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner, which provides passengers with cutting-edge comfort and technology.

7. Qantas, Melbourne-Dallas/Fort Worth

An 8,804-kilometer journey from Melbourne (MEL) to Dallas/Fort Worth (DFW) is offered by Qantas. The flight takes 17 hours and 20 minutes to complete. Once again, the preferred aircraft for a smooth and effective flight is the Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner.

6. United Airlines, San Francisco to Bangalore

United Airlines has flights that take 17 hours and 30 minutes to complete, covering a distance of 9,870 miles from San Francisco to Bangalore. For this route, travelers can be assured of dependability and comfort thanks to the Boeing 777-200LR.

5. Singapore Airlines: Los Angeles - Singapore

Singapore Airlines has a route that travels 14,113 kilometers from Los Angeles to Singapore in 17 hours and 50 minutes. The best airplane for providing passengers with the best long-haul experience is the Airbus A350-900ULR.

4. Dubai – Auckland (Emirates)

Emirates Airlines offers flights from Auckland to Dubai that arrive in 17 hours and 15 minutes, covering a distance of 14,200 kilometers. The biggest commercial aircraft in the world, the Airbus A380-800, which offers a number of luxuries and features to improve the flying experience for passengers, operates these trips.

3. Qantas, Perth-London

Traveling from Perth to London, a distance of 14,498 kilometers, takes 17 hours and 15 minutes, according to Qantas Airlines. The preferred aircraft for this route is the Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner, which provides passengers with a pleasant flying experience.

2. Qatar Airways, Auckland to Doha

The next longest flight is 17 hours and 40 minutes from Auckland to Doha, which is a 14,535-kilometer journey operated by Qatar Airways. For this route, the Airbus A350-1000 is the preferred aircraft, guaranteeing a plush and pleasant travel experience for its customers.

1. Singapore Airlines, Singapore–New York

With its amazing 15,344-kilometer trip from Singapore to New York, which takes 18 hours and 40 minutes, Singapore Airlines takes the top rank on our list. Due to its specialized design for long-haul flights, the Airbus A350-900ULR has made this incredible accomplishment feasible.


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