Saturday 27 January 2024

Jokowi Was Brought Before Bawaslu On Charges Of Violating The Election Law.


Aside from that, Jokowi is not a member of the Prabowo-Gibran campaign team that is registered with the General Elections Commission (KPU), according to Rapen., Jakarta - In the midst of the 2024 general election campaign season, a group loyal to presidential candidate number three Ganjar-Mahfud, Jarnas Gamki Gama, intended to file a complaint against President Joko Widodo or Jokowi with the Elections Supervisory Agency (Bawaslu) for purported infractions.

Jarnas Gamki Gama chairman Rapen Sinaga said that Iriana was the one who reportedly raised a "V sign" from the window of the president's official vehicle on January 22 at Salatiga, Central Java. 

"When Ganjar-Mahfud supporters yelled "long live Ganjar, long life Ganjar" at Jokowi [as the president's car passed by], two fingers (a V sign) are shown," Rapen stated on Friday.

According to Rapen's analysis, the V sign represents support for the second presidential candidate duo, Prabowo Subianto-Gibran Rakabuming Raka. He said, "There is a criminal violation of the Election Law in Jokowi's action while using state facilities, the presidential car, and the fact that Jokowi is not in the Prabowo-Gibran camp."

Article 547 of the Election Law states that any state official who willfully decides or acts in a way that benefits or harms an election contender during the campaign season faces a maximum sentence of three years in prison and a maximum fine of Rp36,000,000. He claims that the President is suspected of breaking this law.

Aside from that, Jokowi is not a member of the Prabowo-Gibran campaign team that is registered with the General Elections Commission (KPU), according to Rapen.

Administrator of Jarnas Gamki Gama, Nikson Gans Lalu, stated over the phone on Friday, January 26, that "jokowi as the head of government must stand above all parties, even though the law says that [the president] is allowed [to take sides in elections."

Today, January 26, Jarnas Gamki Gama intended to submit the report. Nikson thought Bawaslu would call First Lady Iriana and President Jokowi to order an investigation. Therefore, we insist that exercising statesmanship come first.


Tuesday 23 January 2024

Maintaining Marriage, Responsibility as a Child and a Mother


So, what I'm writing here, based on my personal experience in my problem yes, and of course my opinion is not at all absolutely true.

Maintaining marriage, in my opinion, is a form of responsibility as a child and also as a mother. 

And not divorcing that, is not always the same connotative as a stupid and aggressive woman.

At least this is for the POV or my point of view yes.

Disclaimer first, yeah, I'm gonna have to get a good disclaimer when it comes to marriage. Because usually a lot of people auto-trigger when reading an article that is contrary to the reader's self-experience.

As I've always explained, even though this blog is about marriage and family, it's not a theory of its own. Mostly writing on this blog is my personal experience, of course taken the problems that I have experienced.

I'm writing here, to share experiences that might help inspire parents who have similar problems.

So, what I'm writing here, based on my personal experience in my problem yes, and of course my opinion is not at all absolutely true.

The story of keeping a marriage even though it doesn't seem to be harmonious 

It's been a public secret, has always made blogs and social media friends. It's been once and twice I've been pushing for self-release and automatically a lot of people know about my problems.

And so, that's what it's called, unclean writing, or I'm using 'emotion' when the Dea says shit, hahaha. It's like every piece of my writing has its own magnet for the readers, so 'how do I say it'... Sometimes the reader's reaction, exceeds my real condition.

But yes, I mean, I don't mean it, the reader thinks it's hahaha.

The point is, I've got a story of marriage preservation, where we started to lose the same direction in marriage because of the stress of life. 

At that moment, it feels like the marriage is no longer what I wanted and (mungkin juga si pak suami).

Because of the different paths, we're starting to get used to each other's day, even though it's always the same way, because... kids.

It's a very delicate language, you son of a bitch.

I mean, me and that bastard aren't in harmony anymore, especially since our second child was born. Although we've had a similar problem before, it turns out we can fix it.

I don't know, maybe it's because of the stress of life that made us, who used to want to get married, can't do it, but now we're on our own, hahaha.

In his journey until I was able to write this quietly, a lot of wounds and mental down already. And that's what's recorded on some Facebook status, and it's my blog post.

That's why a lot of friends suggest that I just get divorced, my own mental love. And I've told you many times that divorce is not based on capital.

There's a lot to be prepared for, especially if the intention of divorce makes you happy. 

In fact, divorce can't easily be done by everyone, not out of fear of widowhood. But as a form of responsibility I respond to either my parents or my children.

That's why, for the moment, though my tranquility cannot be said to have come from a healthy marriage. But I still chose to keep the wedding book, especially because my husband never talked about giving up on marriage again.

So, at least I have the capital, that whoeverins the marriage is not just me, but my husband. Even though he's gonna survive, but yeah, that's it, man. 

Why isining marriage a responsibility as a child and a mother?

Someone might be asking, is it a connection between divorce or survival in a marriage, with responsibilities as a child and a mother?

Responsibility as a child is a form of my respect for parents. This life belongs to me, but I come to this world through my parents.

What I'm doing, Ortu's got to do with it. If I succeed, I'll be happy, if I fail, I will be sad.

It's not just a thought of sacrificing myself for ortu's happiness, but I'm doing all this for my mercy to ortu, whom I haven't been able to be as happy as they have hoped for since I was a kid.

Besides, if you're divorced, then that's where, especially my mom, I'm back. Under these circumstances, you don't have enough income to support your children either. And with the usual thing, when a man divorces, it's hard for them to survive not getting married again.

His remarriage isn't a big deal, but his children's livelihoods are a problem.

Let's say the provision of God yes, but God loves our brains to think remotely about our future and our children in particular.

If that happens, then be me as a burden to my mother (kembali).

Let my mother-in-law bear the burden of her heart, let her help finance me and my children.

Oh, my God, imagine I can't, because I've disappointed them once, by being an unreliable child after marriage. I'm not gonna add any more burdens to my mother.

And my thoughts are not just pessimistic. There are so many examples that happen in society. Where when a girl gets divorced, she's forced to go home to her orphanage, and she doesn't have to do the same thing because it's a burden on her.

It's not a bad thing, but, moreover, we've been burdening them too much. It's time for her to enjoy her old age well and calmly.

In addition to preserving the good name and tranquillity of Ortu's old days, I also want to prove that all the decisions on freedom that Ortu gave me are accountable.

I mean, my ortu is the type who gives his son the utmost freedom to decide his own future.

I'm free to decide who I want to marry, from which tribe, what religion. And I chose my husband without coercion from anyone.

How is it possible that, after all the freedom and freedom that ortu gave me, I ended up giving up on my own decisions, let alone the hardships that burdened ortu in his old days? 

That's why, for me, preserving marriage is a form of my responsibility as a child to a parent. And regaining happiness in marriage is the goal that I have to, God bless me if God still extends my age and my brother-in-law. 

The other thing is my responsibility as a mother, so that my children have a chance to go to school and live well. In current circumstances, the cost of living for children is still heavily dependent on the papacy. 

My earnings as a blogger who hasn't maximized because of his time spent dealing with children all the time, of course, are still far from enough to fund them.

Depending on the papal livelihoods, the children can live peacefully with me. Still can I handle any time, I'm anter pick up, their girlfriend any time.

They can still go to a good school, get a lot of chances, because there's money support from the pope. If I were to pay for them, the kids't be able to feel what they're feeling right now.

They probably won't be able to spend all the time with her mom, because she's gonna be working harder and there's no more time to be with them at all times.


For me, the phrase 'child needs a happy mother' doesn't always mean that the mother has to get divorced. How can a child be happy, if before he had little time with his father, and now he has no time with them.

Surviving in the present condition, is a form of my love and responsibility as a mother to the children. I'm not gonna ruin the happiness and the opportunity they get just because they're not.

Maintaining a marriage doesn't always mean life is tormented

Then, how long will it last in pain, Well,ining that marriage doesn't always mean life's going to be tormented. At least for me. I don't want my life to be tortured, I'm sure I'll fight against it, so I can't be tormented, hehehe. 

Meaning to fight here is to find a way out. Yeah. If it doesn't or maybe it's not the way, then there's definitely another way, which is to restore a happy marriage as it used to be.

It's really hard, because it requires cooperation on both sides.

But, it doesn't mean you can't, do you? 

Yes, yes, it's a choice of two, whether to survive or divorce, divorce is not my choice, at least for now because I can't afford my own children. And I don't want to burden my mom with divorce, and sacrifice my children.

Therefore, the choice to choose is to survive, but the obligation to be happy is, then that's what's going to be my target.

I'm sure, God hates divorce, even if it's legal. Surely God will merit my intention to maintain and regain happiness in it.

If God is willing, God has a way. One of the most possible things to do is to focus on yourself.

It's not about being selfish, yes, it's about avoiding expectations that make our hearts tough on our own. Besides, transforming yourself into a better person is much easier than changing someone who is beyond our capabilities.

At least, that's the target and the way out that can be done right now. The important thing is that the lives of the children remain guaranteed, the parents don't need me to add the burden of mind and economy back.

Of course this isn't always going smoothly, yes, there's up and down. There was a time when I lost against the angry heart with the attitude of the father's children. Nevertheless, in the hope of God, everything will continue to be fixed, for my own sake, for the sake of my children and for my father's sake, whom I left alone.

Conclusion and Closure

Nowadays, preserving marriage is often said to be a foolish thing by the blasphemy of feminism. 

In fact, not always survive in a marriage that looks less harmonious is bad. Survive means fighting to fix it.

Because preserving marriage is one of my responsibilities, as a child and a mother. That is, the responsibility to take care of the hearts and feelings of the old so as not to be stressed by the neighbors. 

And the responsibility to make sure the children still get the cost of living from their father. Which is what it might be hard for them to get if I chose a divorce and his father married again and had a new family. 

That's my opinion yeah, how about you, parents?

Monday 22 January 2024

EXO's Baekhyun Reveals The Dates And Venue For His 2024 Solo Concert, ASIA TOUR LONSDALEITE

Baekhyun of EXO has revealed the whole itinerary for his forthcoming LONSDALEITE Asia tour. Discover more about his solo concert by reading on! - Baekhyun of EXO has revealed the whole itinerary for his forthcoming LONSDALEITE Asia tour. Discover more about his solo concert by reading on!

The 2024 BAEKHYUN ASIA TOUR LONSDALEITE is the name of the solo concert that Baekhyun's new agency, INB100, announced on January 22. Baekhyun is performing alone for the first time in over three years. In the twelve years following his debut, this will be the singer's first live solo concert. Exo's Baekhyun performed in a solo concert titled BAEKHYUN: LIGHT in 2021, however it was basically canceled due to the COVID-19 epidemic.

The performer has made public the whole itinerary for his next tour of Asia. Look at this below:

EXO's Baekhyun announces the London-based Asian Tour in 2024. 

The teaser poster and an updated poster with the performance dates and locations have been released by Baekhyun's agency, INB100. The event, titled 2024 BAEKHYUN ASIA TOUR LONSDALEITE, is themed around the hexagonal diamond, or lonsdaleite, which has a strength of 58% compared to normal diamonds. Furthermore, the recently unveiled posters show the same diamond-like gleam on a black backdrop.

On March 16 and 17, Seoul will host the first stop of the solo performance. By organizing a performance at KSPO Dome in Seoul, Baekhyun will become the youngest male K-pop solo artist to do so.

EXO's Baekhyun will light up the stage in Tokyo and Singapore in March during their Asia tour. He will then relocate to other locations in April, such as Manila, Taipei, Ho Chi Minh City, and more. The concert's last leg will travel through June, stopping three times in Bangkok, Hong Kong, and Jakarta. The final two days of the concert are June 15 and 16. 

The information about tickets will shortly be revealed!

View the official 2024 BAEKHYUN ASIA TOUR LONSDALEITE poster here:

Baekhyun of EXO in terms of work

One of South Korea's most varied vocalists is Baekhyun. He is a member of the K-pop boy band EXO as well as EXO-CBX, one of its subunits. He recently founded the agency INB100, and on January 8 it was revealed that Chen and Xiumin, two members of his group, had joined his label for personal projects. All EXO members' collective projects will still be overseen by SM Entertainment, nonetheless.

SNACK PARTY, Baekhyun's solo fan meet, is taking place right now and runs from January to February. When Xiumin and Chen unexpectedly showed up at Baekhyun's fan meet on January 22, they captured the hearts of the crowd with their matching minion costumes. The group also disclosed during the occasion that 2024 would be a busy year for EXO because each member of the group will be releasing incredible music content, both individually and collectively.




Saturday 20 January 2024

Paul Mescal Claims That "Gladiator 2" Filming is Now Complete

In 2021, director Ridley Scott said that he has written the follow-up to his 2000 feature picture; by January 2023, Mescal was in negotiations to play the lead role. Denzel Washington and Pedro Pascal are reportedly expected to be in the cast.

Paul Mescal has said that filming for the Gladiator sequel is now complete.

In 2021, director Ridley Scott said that he has written the follow-up to his 2000 feature picture; by January 2023, Mescal was in negotiations to play the lead role. Denzel Washington and Pedro Pascal are reportedly expected to be in the cast. 

Fans of the first Gladiator movie have been eagerly awaiting the release of "Gladiator: Blood and Honor," the sequel to the movie. Excitedness has been created by Mescal's involvement in the production, as his breakthrough performance in the television series "Normal People" received positive reviews. Washington and Pascal joining the cast has raised high hopes for the follow-up.

Mescal joked that he had finished filming the day before when he appeared on The Graham Norton Show last night (January 19). 

Mescal's remark on making it through the filming process raises the possibility that "Gladiator: Blood and Honor" was a physically demanding or difficult production in some other way. Fans are excited to see how Mescal, Pascal, and Washington's performances will affect the success of the sequel, which heightens their excitement and buildup to the movie.

Initially, Mescal said, "Somebody's going to assassinate me if I say anything further," when Norton asked for an estimated release date.

However, the actor later backtracked and said that Gladiator 2 may be shown to viewers at "Thanksgiving this year."

Mescal said he was doing a performance of A Streetcar Named Desire when he received the call, and he also talked about the casting process for the follow-up.

Mescal noted that he had to balance his responsibilities to both projects, but he was excited to be part of such a much awaited movie. Despite the difficulties, he was appreciative of the chance to work on Gladiator 2 and excitedly anticipated its premiere.

He remembered, "I was doing Streetcar Named Desire when Sir Ridley Scott called and said, 'Do you wanna do this?'"

"I wondered if the Pope was a Catholic. Indeed!

In a prior statement, Scott discussed his decision to cast Mescal in the lead role of his next film, stating that he discovered the Irish actor through Normal People: "I watched four episodes in a row, boom, boom, boom, even though it's not my kind of show."

He went on, "I was thinking, 'Who the hell is this Paul Mescal?'" I then finished watching the entire series. Gladiator 2 appeared out of nowhere, indicating that the screenplay was beginning to come together. And Paul continued to cross my mind. And that concluded everything.

After seeing Normal People, Scott changed his mind about casting Mescal from being doubtful to fascinated. Mescal's performance so pleased him that in the end he chose to cast him in Gladiator 2.

In other matters, Mescal has acknowledged that if Gladiator 2 increased his notoriety, he would become “profoundly depressed”.


After learning that HyunA is dating Yong Junhyung, Jo Kwon and Hani unfollowed her.


This reaction from Jo Kwon and Hani suggests that they may not approve of HyunA's relationship or that they feel betrayed by her actions. It remains to be seen how this will affect their friendships and the dynamics within their social circle.

Following the announcement that HyunA is dating Yong Junhyung, Jo Kwon and Hani unfollowed her.

This reaction from Jo Kwon and Hani suggests that they may not approve of HyunA's relationship or that they feel betrayed by her actions. It remains to be seen how this will affect their friendships and the dynamics within their social circle. 

On January 20, allegations surfaced that HyunA's celebrity pals, Jo Kwon of 2AM and Hani of EXID, had unfollowed her on social media. This has sparked conjecture that the celebrities don't approve of the relationship. After revealing she was dating the former Highlight member, HyunA created a stir. Many online users questioned her choices because of his previous controversies and the fact that she had broken up with her longtime lover Dawn in November of 2022.

This controversy has caused a divide among fans, with some supporting HyunA's decision to pursue happiness while others criticizing her for her actions. The situation has also led to speculation about the future of her career and how this will impact her public image. 

Jo Kwon and Hani's unfollowing of HyunA has garnered notice, as it is said that they did so shortly after she made her dating status public. Regarding Yong Junhyung's apparent involvement in a chat room where Jung Joon Young shared unlawful hidden camera footage and photographs, many netizens and fans are expressing astonishment and alarm. 

Fans and netizens are expressing their concern over the potential consequences of HyunA's decision on her career and public image. Additionally, Jo Kwon and Hani's unfollowing of HyunA has sparked speculation about their relationship with her and the impact it may have on their own careers. Meanwhile, Yong Junhyung's alleged involvement in the chat room scandal has left many shocked and worried about the extent of his participation in such illegal activities. 

Even though he acknowledged receiving and seeing an illicit film from Jung Joon Young, it was later discovered that he had not participated in the group conversation and that he had spoken with Jung Joon Young—who was accused of sexually assaulting former singer Choi Jonghun—one-on-one in a separate chat. 

This revelation has raised questions about Yong Junhyung's knowledge of the illegal activities taking place within the chat room and whether he should have taken more decisive action to report it. It remains to be seen how these scandals will affect both HyunA and Yong Junhyung's careers moving forward. 

In related news, Junhyung acknowledged in person that he is seeing HyunA.


Attacks On Red Sea Ships Put Pressure On China's Exporters As Expenses And Delays Rise.


Beijing/Shanghai, January 19 (Reuters) - Red Sea freight bottlenecks are putting Chinese billionaire Han Changming's trade operation in the eastern province of Fujian in jeopardy.

Beijing/Shanghai, January 19 (Reuters) - Red Sea freight bottlenecks are putting Chinese billionaire Han Changming's trade operation in the eastern province of Fujian in jeopardy.

Han, who buys off-road vehicles from Europe and sells Chinese-made automobiles to Africa, told Reuters that the cost of transporting a container to Europe has increased to almost $7,000 from $3,000 in December, when the Houthi movement in Yemen, which is associated with Iran, increased attacks on ships.

"The disruptions have wiped out our already thin profits," Han stated, adding that his 2016 startup, Fuzhou Han Changming International Trade Co Ltd, is suffering from increased shipping-insurance rates.

The disruption of one of the busiest shipping routes globally has revealed how susceptible China's export-driven economy is to supply bottlenecks and external demand shocks. Premier Li Qiang stressed the need of maintaining "stable and smooth" global supply chains in an address on Tuesday at the World Economic Forum in Davos, without making any explicit mention of the Red Sea.

In an effort to lessen the effects of the interruptions, some businesses, including the American company BDI Furniture, have stated they are depending more on manufacturers in nations like Vietnam and Turkey. This is in addition to recent efforts by Western nations to lessen their reliance on China in the face of geopolitical unrest.

The possibility that other businesses would reevaluate their de-risking plans and perhaps decide to move manufacturing closer to home—a practice known as "near-shoring"—is what China is currently facing.

The founder of IC Trade, which ships mechanical components built in China to Europe, Marco Castelli, stated, "If it's permanent, and it could be permanent, then the whole mechanism will be readjusted." Certain corporations could also think about shifting their manufacturing to India, as it is located one week closer to Europe. Businesses must reassess everything.

more interruptions in the Red Sea would put more strain on China's already fragile economy, which is battling a housing crisis, feeble consumer demand, a declining population, and slow global development.

Han stated that 40% of his total business comes from trading with Europe and Africa, and that in order to keep his firm solvent, he has been pleading with suppliers and customers to pick up part of the extra costs. According to him, several orders had shipping delays of up to several weeks.

For other businesses, the problems are made worse by the fact that they are already dealing with a logistical nightmare in the lead-up to Lunar New Year in February, when nearly all Chinese factories close and 300 million migrant workers take time off, leading to a mad rush in the weeks before to transport products.

Vice President for Supply Chains and Operations Mike Sagan of KidKraft, a manufacturer of wooden toys and outdoor play equipment located in Shenzhen, claimed that many of his European clients are slamming on the brakes and telling him to "hold it, don't ship anything."

"A lot of suppliers, they're screaming about money today," Sagan, whose firm serves Walmart and Target, said.

The snowball impact on smaller suppliers with narrow margins, who would be among the last to get payments but are essential to the supply chain, is a concern for larger firms, he added.

Rerouting ships around the Cape of Good Hope from the Red Sea, the fastest route from Asia to Europe via the Suez Canal, can add two weeks to shipping timetables. This reduces the capacity of containers globally and disrupts supply chains since it takes longer for ships to return to ports to reload.

This most likely indicates delays for products that were supposed to hit Western markets in April or May. According to BMI, an industry research group, several logistics businesses have already reported a container shortfall at China's Ningbo-Zhoushan port, which is among the busiest in the world by cargo volume.

China mostly ships its commodities westward via the Suez Canal, accounting for around 60% of its exports to Europe, according to the Middle East Institute, a research group with headquarters in Washington.


Yang Bingben, whose business, based in Wenzhou, the industrial capital of eastern China, manufactures industrial-use valves, reported this week that a client in Shanghai reduced an order for 75 valves, which were to be assembled into huge machinery and sent overseas, to 15 due to rising freight costs.

Yang remarked, "The impact is huge," and mentioned that he had prepared raw materials that were processed and could not be returned. "It's like I received an order that makes me lose money."

Yang says he can't promise pay since his employees are paid according to the quantity of work they complete, so he is now reevaluating his staffing needs for this year.

"If I don't have enough work to give them, I'm afraid they won't be able to make a living."

Guangzhou-based freight forwarder Wei Qiongfang said that certain suppliers in southern China were squeezing manufacturers' stocks by postponing delivery of lower-value items.

Businesses that depend on just-in-time delivery or that must often replace their inventory are particularly affected as once-predictable trade circumstances grow more unpredictable.

Castelli said that another problem is that factories aren't paid until the products are delivered to their intended location.

"So if their payment is delayed, they can't pay their suppliers, they can't pay their workers," he explained. "China is so successful in the global market because they work with tiny margins: when you have volume, the money rolls in; when the money stops coming, you have a big problem."

Gerhard Flatz, managing director of luxury sportswear company KTC, is worried that some businesses struggling with declining margins may fail in Dongguan, a city in the Pearl River Delta.

They are having difficulties, and there is currently another logistical issue. Many will have to close their doors eventually, you know," Flatz remarked.

Additional reporting by Colleen Howe and Joe Cash in Beijing, with reporting from Samuel Shen, Casey Hall, and Ellen Zhang in Shanghai and Beijing Writing and editing by Anne Marie Roantree and David Crawshaw.


Friday 19 January 2024

UN declares that stranded refugees shouldn't be housed on a UK military island


After being given uncommon access, the UN refugee agency declared that a distant British territory in the Indian Ocean—home to a covert UK-US military base—is "not a suitable location" for holding refugees for an extended period of time.

After being given uncommon access, the UN refugee agency declared that a distant British territory in the Indian Ocean—home to a covert UK-US military base—is "not a suitable location" for holding refugees for an extended period of time.

A improvised camp on Diego Garcia has been the home for dozens of Tamil refugees from Sri Lanka for more than two years.

This marks the initial filing of asylum requests within the region.

As stated by the UK government, they were searching for a "long-term solution".

An official stated that the administration of the British Indian Ocean Territory places "the wellbeing and safety of migrants as the... top priority." Biot, or British Indian Ocean Territory, is the official name of the islands.

Towards the end of 2023, UNHCR agents traveled to Diego Garcia with the assistance of UK authorities. Since the refugees' arrival more than two years ago, this was the first time they had been granted entry to the island.

Regarding its findings, the UN agency said it was "following up" with relevant authorities.

In a brief response to the BBC, a representative stated, "Diego Garcia is an island hosting a military base with virtually no civilian population, and is not a suitable location for long-term residence for this group."

"We continue to call on the UK to ensure fair and efficient determination of the pending claims, and to secure solutions for those found to be in need of international protection, in line with international law."

According to migrants and officials, the first group of Tamils landed in Diego Garcia in October 2021 when their boat broke down while attempting to sail to Canada.

Hundreds of miles separate the island from any other populated area, and unauthorised access is strictly prohibited.

The organization then filed the first asylum applications on Biot, a location where court documents state that the Refugee Convention does not apply and where the area is regarded as "constitutionally distinct and separate from the UK".

Many members of the organization assert that they have been persecuted because of their alleged ties to the defeated Tamil Tiger rebels in Sri Lanka during the 2009 civil war.

Hunger pandemonium

The island's circumstances, according to asylum seekers, are terrible; but, because of the territory's peculiar legal position, they are unable to leave.

Numerous attempts at suicide and incidents of self-harm have occurred. Additionally, there have been hunger strikes, which according to attorneys have included minors.

"Our lives are meaningless. I feel like I'm living the life of a zombie," a guy said to the BBC in 2017.

About sixty persons are said to still be on Diego Garcia, according to attorneys for asylum applicants there. After making unsuccessful attempts at suicide, a number of persons were sent to Rwanda for treatment.

The government's proposal to transfer certain asylum seekers to the east African nation, which this week cleared a major milestone in Parliament, is not related to this agreement, as far as the BBC is aware.

One of the group's attorneys, Tessa Gregory, stated, "Our clients have been in limbo on Diego Garcia for over two years and have still not had their claims for international protection lawfully determined."

"The conditions they are having to endure... are dire and entirely unsuitable for a group which includes children and survivors of torture and sexual violence."

Ms. Gregory continued by saying that the migrant representatives' UK attorneys were requesting entry to the island.

Five persons have had their requests for international protection granted thus far, but no nation has been chosen to host them.

"Working with third countries to accept any who cannot be safely returned to their country of origin," the spokeswoman stated on behalf of the administration.

The administration earlier informed the BBC that "any accusation


Thursday 18 January 2024

Erroneous API on insurance website exposed Office 365 password and massive email cache


A security researcher has discovered that Toyota Tsusho Insurance Broker India (TTIBI), an Indo-Japanese joint insurance business, used an improperly - A security researcher has discovered that Toyota Tsusho Insurance Broker India (TTIBI), an Indo-Japanese joint insurance business, used an improperly configured server that exposed more than 650,000 Microsoft-hosted email communications to clients.

It might not be totally resolved. Five months after the vulnerability was first made public by the researcher, the company has still not updated the password for the impacted account on Wednesday.

Security researcher Eaton Zveare of Traceable AI detailed how he found the vulnerability by looking at an Android app developed by Eicher Motors, an Indian automaker with a subdomain ( for their TTIBI website automobile insurance premium calculator.

My Eicher, an Android app, provides a range of services linked to vehicles, including fleet monitoring, fuel management, and predictive uptime. Additionally, Zveare found that it had a Java class with an API interface that comprises a GET request to the premium calculator website.

Zveare then looked at the TTIBI calculator page and noticed that it included a client-side function that generated an email request via a server-side API.

He described his results in a post, saying, "This caught my eye because this was a client-side email sending mechanism." "If it worked, I could send [an] email with any subject & body to anyone, and it would come from a genuine Eicher email address."

Because the request code had a Bearer Authorization header that used a cryptographic token to restrict API use to authenticated users, Zveare wasn't expecting much. He nonetheless attempted to compose an API request to deliver a message.

"I was expecting it to come back with '401 – Unauthorized', but what actually came back surprised me," he stated. "Not only did the email successfully send, it came back with a server error that revealed an email sending log."

The severity of the subpar API implementation was exacerbated by the log file that was returned with the error response since it contained the linked Microsoft Office 365 email account's Base64-encoded password.

According to Zveare, the password was linked to Eicher's noreply account, which is used to send clients automated emails. He argued that noreply accounts might occasionally be just straightforward aliases to email sending platforms like SendGrid or Postmark. Alternatively, they may be real accounts that anyone can access and utilize.

Zveare discovered the worst-case situation: it was possible to log into Eicher's Microsoft-hosted "" email account, which held records of all emails sent to clients. These included insurance policies containing sensitive personal data and links to reset passwords that could be exploited to take control of client insurance accounts. A total of 657k emails, or around 25 GB of data, were accessible.

Zveare said that because the vulnerability was not covered by Toyota's HackerOne vulnerability disclosure program, he disclosed it to India's Computer Emergency Response Team on August 7, 2023. By October 18, the API is supposed to have been patched, and sending emails now requires authentication.

But Zveare worries that TTIBI has done nothing.

"More than five months later, TTIBI still has not changed the password of the email account despite being aware of the vulnerability," he stated. "I tested it one again today, and I can still log in (evidence). They wouldn't want a random stranger to have five months of access to their corporate cloud, if I were them. This is really disheartening, and I hope they strengthen their security posture to prevent the loss of client data."


Wednesday 17 January 2024

Aramco CEO sees hazards in the Red Sea and anticipates tighter oil markets

 Amin Nasser stated he anticipated a tightening of the oil market following the 400 million barrels that consumers had consumed in the previous two yea, DAVOS: Short-term interruptions to the Red Sea would not affect the world's oil markets; however, if the Houthis continue their attacks on ships, longer journeys and a delay in supplies may result in a scarcity of tankers, according to the CEO of Saudi oil giant Aramco, who spoke to Reuters.

Amin Nasser stated he anticipated a tightening of the oil market following the 400 million barrels that consumers had consumed in the previous two years, leaving the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries' excess capacity as the primary source of new supply to satisfy the increasing demand.

Numerous businesses have been compelled to reroute their goods throughout Africa as a result of Houthi attacks on ships in the Red Sea. The Houthis, who support Iran, claim that they are supporting the Palestinian people in Israel's continuing conflict with Gaza.

If it's going to happen soon, tankers may be available. In an interview conducted this week in Davos, Switzerland, on the fringes of the World Economic Forum, Nasser stated that "if it's longer term, it might be a problem." "Will more tankers be required, and will their journeys need to be longer?"

Around 12 percent of all transportation in the world flows via the Suez Canal, which is the quickest route from Asia to Europe, and where container boats have been stopping or diverting from the Red Sea.

The voyage takes an extra 10–14 days if you take the other route around the Cape of Good Hope in South Africa.

According to Nasser, Aramco may have faster access to the Suez Canal by avoiding the Bab Al-Mandab strait in Yemen, from where the Houthis start their attacks. This pipeline connects the company's eastern oil facilities with its western shore.

As a consequence of peace discussions between Saudi Arabia and Yemen, Nasser stated that certain oil products could need to be shipped over Africa and that he does not anticipate the Houthis attacking Aramco's facilities once more.

Reserve Capacity 

Nasser projected that oil consumption would reach 104 million barrels per day in 2024, an increase of almost 1.5 million barrels per day following a 2.6 million barrels per day spike in 2023.

He continued, "Low stocks and growing demand will help tighten the market even more."

According to Nasser, during the last two years, consumers have reduced both inland and offshore reserves by 400 million barrels, sending global supplies to the lower end of a five-year average.

Right now, there is just the spare capacity card, which accounts for around 3.5 percent of all cards worldwide. Additionally, unless there is an increase in supply, you will deplete that spare capacity as demand rises.

Nasser stated that he was unable to forecast the peak or plateau of oil demand since the usage of fossil fuels was shifting from the industrialized nations to emerging nations.

He declared, "Demand is very healthy and there is good growth in China."

Focusing on turning liquids into chemicals, Aramco has made investments in Chinese refineries with agreements connected to the supply of crude oil and is currently negotiating for additional.

Refineries that are completely integrated are rare in the world. China presents that chance, and the country's market appeal stems from the anticipated growth in chemical demand, according to Nasser.


A credit insurance policy letter is signed by SABIC and Saudi EXIM Bank

Additionally, it greatly increases the likelihood of expansion and entry into new domestic and foreign markets and raises the competitiveness of Saudi, RIYADH - The Saudi Export and Import Bank said in a statement on Tuesday that it has inked a deal to cover Saudi Basic Industries Corporation's sales on a letter of credit basis in 40 countries against the risk of non-payment presented by the issuing banks.

It is said to be the biggest insurance ever issued in the Middle East and the first of its kind to be made available to exporters directly for the purpose of insuring LCs that aren't confirmed by issuing banks.

Additionally, it greatly increases the likelihood of expansion and entry into new domestic and foreign markets and raises the competitiveness of Saudi petrochemical exports.

The deal was signed by Salah Al-Hareky, executive vice president of corporate finance at SABIC, and Saad Al-Khalab, CEO of Saudi EXIM Bank.

"This landmark agreement with SABIC is in line with the bank's continuous commitment to support the Saudi non-oil economy and increase its contribution to the gross domestic product," Al-Khalab stated.

The bank's primary goal is to encourage businesses to expand their export activities and enter new global markets.

"The newest product we offer to Saudi exporters is the letter of credit insurance policy. It was created to help SABIC achieve more pricing and coverage stability in highly competitive export markets with significant geopolitical and economic challenges, as well as to help them realize their vision of becoming a global leader in petrochemicals."

"We expect the Saudi EXIM Bank's letter of credit insurance policy to play a key role in driving our export expansions as it strengthens our ambitions toward realizing our strategic objectives and multiplying our investments, considering the growth in new global markets for our products," stated Abdulrahman Al-Fageeh, CEO of SABIC.

"We are dedicated to supporting the Made in Saudi initiative and increasing the proportion of non-oil products in the Kingdom's gross domestic product," said the statement of Saudi Vision 2030.

The Saudi EXIM Bank concentrates on closing credit gaps and lowering exporters' risks, and it plays a vital role in bolstering the Kingdom's non-oil economy on the international scene. This strategy is in line with the Kingdom's Vision 2030 goals, which seek to increase the GDP proportion of non-oil exports.


Monday 15 January 2024

Flood emergency declared in Bandung till January 20


On Thursday, severe weather in Bandung and the neighboring districts resulted in landslides, floods, and uprooted trees. - From January 13 to January 20, 2024, the Bandung district administration in West Java has issued an emergency response status, forcing all parties to be on the lookout for the possibility of flooding during the rainy season.

"Three days ago, the emergency response status for the flood calamity was formed. Public kitchens and other facilities have been prepared by the National Disaster Mitigation Agency (BNPB)," stated Dadang Supriatna, the district head of Bandung, on Monday.

He advised that the emergency status will remain in effect for seven days, with the possibility of an extension or shortening contingent on field conditions.

"The determination of disaster emergency response status can be extended or shortened in accordance with the provisions of laws and regulations," he stated.

He claims that the area has been affected by floods and other hydrometeorological disasters since January 11, 2024, and the decision to declare the area under emergency status is a response to these events.

"We must pay attention to the basic needs of the community during the current emergency handling status," he stated.

Supriatna highlighted that in response to the declaration of an emergency, his team has taken a number of steps to prevent further flooding in the area.

"Post-disaster, we will follow up from the upstream to downstream (sectors), but I strongly agree that the handling is not partial but comprehensive," he stated.

Suharyanto, the head of BNPB, announced that his organization has contributed Rp350 million to help Bandung district deal with the flooding.

He continued by saying that the money might be utilized to create public restrooms and showers, supply food, and meet other basic requirements of the impacted areas.


Sunday 14 January 2024

Alta and PhilipCapital have established a liquidity program for Income Insurance shares.

Through the use of PhillipCapital's wide investor network, the Income Insurance Share Liquidity Program seeks to streamline the process of monetizing - It is noteworthy for being the biggest share listing on a private securities exchange of a non-publicly traded corporation.

An important step forward in the share trading for the main composite insurer has been announced by Alta and PhillipCapital: the commencement of the Income Insurance Share Liquidity Program.

The initiative is noteworthy because it offers institutional and accredited investors the biggest listing of shares of a non-publicly traded corporation on a private securities exchange.

To develop a platform for the selling of unlisted Income Insurance shares, the exchange arm of Alta, known as AltaX, has partnered with Phillip Securities Pte Ltd, a subsidiary of PhillipCapital and an AltaX member company.

Through the use of PhillipCapital's wide investor network, the Income Insurance Share Liquidity Program seeks to streamline the process of monetizing Income Insurance shares. Because of PhillipCapital's extensive network of Investor Centers throughout Singapore, the program provides an easy-to-use and efficient way to sell shares of Income Insurance.

Shares of Income Insurance will be listed on AltaX, enabling its wide network of accredited and worldwide institutional investors to trade them. Through member brokerages and their investors, this exchange model makes it easier for investors to purchase and trade shares from a reputable insurance provider in Singapore and the ASEAN area.

The ability to tokenize these shares on AltaX's blockchain-based exchange marks a major leap in the ownership of digital assets by international investors and provides a new way to trade.

Rockpool and Cachet, asset management companies located in Hong Kong, Quam Securities, a Singaporean company, and Evolve Capital Advisory Pte Ltd are among the new member businesses that Alta has added to its exchange arm. With the inclusion of these new members, Alta has expanded its investment portfolio and established new connections with international investor networks.

Significant trading activity was seen on AltaX in 2023, with total bid and ask orders exceeding US$195 billion. As a result of this growth, AltaX now has eight member businesses overall, as opposed to the New York Stock Exchange's initial membership of 27.

According to Kevin Lee, CEO of Alta, "monetization of shares for unlisted companies is usually tedious and time-consuming." "We are happy that, after years of innovation and improvement, we were able to work with PhillipCapital to launch an ongoing liquidity solution for publicly traded non-listed companies like Income Insurance and open up trading of those shares to accredited and institutional investors."

“At Alta, we are committed to building essential capital market infrastructure that facilitates access and liquidity for private companies which are the backbone of our economies,” Lee stated. "We acknowledge that our responsibility in constructing essential private market infrastructure extends beyond enabling transactions; it opens doors for financial inclusion, entrepreneurship, job growth, and economic resilience, ultimately promoting a more promising future for everybody."

"Promoting Ethical Culture and Conduct in Insurance Intermediaries (General)" is the title of the fourth document published by the Insurance Culture and Conduct Steering Committee, which is available elsewhere in the nation.

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Saturday 13 January 2024

A how-to for selecting the best cyber insurance

Recognize the fundamentals Cyber insurance shields businesses from the financial damage caused by cybercrime. It is also referred to as cyber risk ins

Cyber Insurance - Although the market for cybersecurity risk insurance has existed for more than 20 years, the nature of cyber insurance has altered significantly in recent years due to the quickly evolving nature of ransomware attacks and the increase in their prevalence.

Organizations find it more difficult to obtain cyber insurance, and even if they do, the costs are high. Furthermore, it appears that ransomware—the primary reason for cyber insurance claims—is not covered by all plans.

Think about this: With more insurance customers choosing cyber coverage—from 26% in 2016 to 47% in 2020—the need for cyber insurance has increased. However, the expense of similar polices in the U.S. have soared by 50%.

Nevertheless, there are numerous advantages to having a strong cyber insurance policy, including financial protection in the event of a cyber incident, the need to do business with numerous organizations, the ability to call upon professional operational support in the event of an emergency, and peace of mind for the company, its clients, partners, and investors.

The Sophos Guide to Cyber Insurance was released by Sophos recently. According to the guidance, putting money into strong cyber defenses may lower an organization's cyber risk, which will make it easier for them to obtain an insurance policy that meets their needs at a lower cost and even allows for higher policy limits. It is imperative that your firm has an appropriate cyber policy. According to the guidance, almost 10% of businesses with cyber insurance did not have ransomware coverage, thus they were left to deal with the hefty expenses and difficult recovery process on their own.

Because of the increasing cost and complexity of cyberattacks, cyberinsurance plans are becoming more and more costly, but businesses may still choose the correct cyberinsurance for them. According to the book, for businesses to be successful, they must accomplish the following:

Recognize the fundamentals

Cyber insurance shields businesses from the financial damage caused by cybercrime. It is also referred to as cyber risk insurance and cyber liability insurance. It offers fast access to specialists, pays for expenses in the case of a cyber incident, and reassures stakeholders that the company is ready for a cyber crisis.

Evaluate coverage requirements

Businesses should select a policy that will allow them to effectively recover from a cyberattack while maintaining reasonably priced rates. The average cost to recover from a ransomware attack in 2023 was $1.82 million, so coverage should incorporate anticipated recovery expenses.

Examine the wording of the policy

ransomware is the main reason for cyber insurance claims, and not all policies cover it. Businesses should make sure the kinds of cyberthreats they are most likely to encounter are covered by their policy.

Invest in cybersecurity

An organization's insurance situation may be impacted by its degree of cybersecurity. Businesses may lower their cyber risk and hence increase their insurability and possibly even lower premiums by investing in robust cyber security.

Examine the current state of the industry

It is now harder to obtain coverage due to the hardening of the cyber insurance market. Nonetheless, there is a greater chance of coverage for businesses that have robust cybersecurity protocols in place.

Collaborate with insurance panels

In the case of an occurrence, cyber insurance providers frequently collaborate with pre-approved vendors, or "panels." Businesses can ask to work with their preferred vendors, but it's important to notify the insurance company as soon as possible.

Examine the payout history

Businesses should take into account the insurance provider's payout history. 98% of respondents who were affected by ransomware in 2022 and who had insurance reported that their insurer had paid for the attack's expenses.

Put in place the necessary cyber controls

Multi-factor authentication, Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) or Extended Detection and Response (XDR) tools are examples of the cyber controls that insurers frequently search for. Implementing these procedures can increase an organization's chances of obtaining insurance.

Businesses may pick a cyber insurance coverage that meets their demands and offers sufficient defense against potential cyber attacks by taking these considerations into account. The guide guarantees that, in spite of these difficulties, cyber insurance plans always perform in the event of a cyberattack.